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About Us

College to Corporate, a leading software mentoring institute in India founded by a set of experienced IT professionals from USA with the intention of making students as quality IT professionals. We train students on unique technologies that are in great demand in the IT industry by experts from various multi-national companies. We are building career path to leading MNC companies for our students. We have tie-up with leading MNCs to place our students and also train professionals to shape their career with a shift as well as enhancement.

We have a crew of skillful and dynamic tutors working for outstanding MNC companies. We restrict our batch size to provide interactive and efficient training. We also provide one-on-one’s with the tutors to clear up the students problems. We afford students a career as well as certificate based training. Our tutors conduct mock-up interviews to make students feel confident for the interviews and feel what an interview is.

Class-room training is not the target of College to Corporate. We aim at practical classes to provide real time hands-on for the students. Mentors for all the courses give problems to solve in the practical class to ensure the students are clear about each and every topic. Also these problems help students understand the real need of technologies.

College to Corporate are here to enhance your career and brighten your future. Join hands with us for a better tomorrow.


Class room training is only for the basic understanding of each technology. We focus more on practical session where you can implement and try all your class room trainings. We have separate lab sessions for all the batches to play around with the technologies you have learnt. We also conduct regular test and discussions to rate the students understanding of the technology and pay more attention to the needed to make them get the clear view of the technology. We make sure that each and every student is in the same page of understanding the technology.

Job Placement

We offer students with placement guidance by conducting placement drives, scheduling interview with MNC’s, conducting Job Fairs which will make our people to find the best place for them in the software industry. We guide you to find the right job profile by understanding your area of interest. With placement assistance, we give a shape to your career according to your dream. Our students are handheld until they are placed. We take responsibility of each student until we place the students.


Classroom Training

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