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Being a country of over a billion, theoretically, India Should be able to support with ease, Not only its own manpower requirements, but that of other economies as well. Yet our domestic corporate are finding it increasingly difficult together recruits who possess relevant industrial skills, Technical as well as soft skills, employees who be contributing to the organization from day one, who are accustomed to a high performance work atmosphere and have technical as well as soft skills suitable for a business organization.
Design Master has a vision to be safest, Most progressive technology Provider, relentless in the pursuit of client and employee excellence. The Mission followed is to capitalize on the efficiency of Information technology industry to serve clients. We strive constantly to make Design Master a winning competitor both today and in future. We embrace bold strategies that will lead to our success in marketplace. We aggressively leverage our unique set of assets to provide exceptional value for our Partners and Clients.
Founded in 2015 as an Engineering Focused Company with a big vision with a dedicated team of brilliant engineers and software professionals Design Master Spotless delivery records of many successful projects. Design Master has been Technology partner with many software products and engineering consulting/ service companies Globally.
Design Master is in the field of professional Training to groom human resource and ready to deploy in industry. It has a panel of corporate trainers who have experience of training in the best MNCs and now engaged with us as a training partner for our in house as well as Corporate training segments. The team of trainer consist of working professional and professional trainer.
With the changing global scenario and India turning out to be knowledge based economy like US, there is a huge requirement of technology professionals worldwide. The Need of interactive learning and maintaining high quality standards in technology education is the need of the hour. With over 10 million upcoming new jobs in emerging technology sectors like Software Development, Web Development, Software Quality Assurance, Embedded Systems, Automobile Industry, Telecom Industry, Architecture domains etc.; YOUNG INDIA must opt for technology training that comes from the professional organizations like us, that is high quality, reliable, cutting edge and complete. Such training that comes from the professional organizations like us, that is high quality, reliable, cutting edge and complete. Such training will not only equip students to participate in the job-rich emerging sectors, it will also allow existing professionals to re-skill themselves with more up-to-date technology knowledge.


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