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Edurays India is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and IAO-International Accreditation Organization , Houston, USA, accredited Company focusing on Skill development training, Education consultancy and staffing solutions.. We are also service providers for government sponsored programs.
Edurays is established by experienced and qualified IT and Management Professionals with an Aim of providing best of the facility, infrastructure and Techniques in the field of Education and skill development.
The future of India will be shaped in the classroom. India has amongst the largest student populations in the world and a low literacy rate of 65% (ranked 172 globally). While India has took many steps in improving the education system and much still remain to be done. There is a short supply of educated and skilled manpower which is employable. To meet existing and emerging demand. In the last decade, we have experienced rapid advances in information technology which have created new changes in the way we live, work and play. The growth of the Internet, e-commerce and telecommunications has created tremendous opportunities and challenges for both societies and economies. Information Technology is also having a profound effect on education. IT is one of the most powerful enablers, which facilitates learning and administration. And it opens up the whole world of knowledge and allows teaching and learning to take place beyond the traditional boundaries and resources of the school/college. The government has now identified skill development and education as a focus area to maintain sustainable economic growth and the private sector is coming up with new structures to increase participation. We believe India's education sector could see long-term secular growth with rewards for early movers. India has the largest base of children less than 20 years of age.


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