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About Us

MY FOREIGN LANGUAGES is a Language Training Institute, which imparts high value services in training, translation, interpretation, overseas education and recruitments. We give solution for international languages & several Indian languages and offer premium services to the global market.
We have a clear foresight and provide cost - effective quality and efficient services for global communication; these services have been designed and developed by our experts over the last few years, rating us as one of the largest multilingual academy.
The organization was established in 2012 in India with the language experts and writers. Our initial focus was training and translation. Later we also extended our services in media and publishing. When the progress took place, we have moved to a broader focus, extending our range of services and expertise, and expanding into the global market.
At MY FOREIGN LANGUAGES, it has always been sharply focused on quality and over the years have gained an excellent reputation for the high professional standard of our work and our attentive customer service. Every year, many students come to learn many foreign languages with us for various reasons and purposes. Over the years we have been providing high quality classes who come to study in order to be able to communicate well in various languages either to go on a trip or work or join their partners etc…
We offer different types of classes, from complete beginners to advanced level, from morning to evening in a very convenient time in our centre, online and corporate.


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